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Kraft Mac and Cheese is pretty good. But let’s be honest, there isn’t anything inherently spectacular about it, except for maybe its bright orange color.

It’s a great comfort food when you’re feeling lazy or just want to break your diet with something a little cheeky. But can it ever be considered to be fancy?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Well, according to Susur Lee of Top Chef Canda and Food Network‘s Iron Chef America, yes it can be made fancy. Lee has been known to transform instant noodles into gourmet meals that make us salivate.

Lee, who is the father of Jet Bent-Lee, has been featured on his son’s YouTube series turning various instant or fast food items into little works of heaven.

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee

One of these videos features a Kraft Dinner being the center of attention. Lee got down to business right away by soaking the macaroni overnight. He worked out of his Toronto-based business, Lee Restaurant.

The recipe had several different components. He created a duck confit and then used the soaked macaroni to make a steamed noodle sheet. Using the Kraft Dinner sauce packet, Lee set about creating a bechamel cheese sauce. He then created a gratin dish topped with roasted figs and duck jus, as well as crispy fried variation accompanied by honeycomb toffee.

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee


No wonder this much effort meant that he took two days to pull together his Kraft Dinner gourmet meal.

Watch Lee transform a Kraft Dinner into a gourmet meal below:

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