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Surprise wedding proposals can go one of two ways. In the first scenario, the ideal one, the recipient of the proposal says, “yes!” and is excited. But sometimes it goes the other way and results in a nasty breakup.

For one couple, the man decided to propose but he didn’t want to do it the logical way of sitting down and discussing the matter. Instead, he wanted to do a surprise proposal and he wanted to do it with some of his favorite food: KFC.

It was a risky move, but one he was glad to take. He uploaded a video of the proposal to TikTok and it quickly received over 15 million views and 3 million likes.

Photo: TikTok/@higbogg

In the video, he said, “Told her I wanted to take her photo holding the biscuit,” while his girlfriend can be seen grabbing a KFC biscuit and splitting it in two.

As soon as she opens the biscuit, she starts loudly screaming! Hidden in the biscuit was an engagement ring and it’s clear that this man’s girlfriend was not expecting to find that.

Photo: TikTok/@higbogg

Once the girlfriend realizes what’s happening and calms down, she says, “Are you serious?”

By her facial expression, it’s hard to tell what she thinks about the proposal, but she did end up saying yes!

Photo: TikTok/@higbogg

Watch the proposal in the video below:


@kentuckyfriedchicken she said yes!

♬ original sound – noname123

He later posted an update video, saying, “I never thought that I would be proposing to the girl of my dreams with a KFC biscuit.”

In the video, she shared photos of the two right after the proposal and it’s so adorable!


I never thought that I would be proposing to the girl of my dreams with a KFC biscuit.

♬ I Saw Her for the First Time – Dr. Dog