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There are certain diets that elude most of us. You may end up hearing about them but have no idea what they entail. There are also some diets that sound too scary to even try, like those with minimal carbs.

Carbs are one of the few things that make this crazy life worthwhile, right? We cannot imagine living without carbs! Pizza lovers are definitely nodding in agreement.

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Pieology has heard the plea of pizza lovers-turned keto dieters. They are now offering a pie that is designed to assist keto dieters by featuring a keto-friendly crust.

Their pizza base is made out of chicken. This allows the keto dieters to tuck into a Pieology pizza without having to worry. The pizza chain prides itself on providing all sorts of options, and this is sure to be a popular one.

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Chicken Breast vs. Chicken Base. If you were one of the first to try our new Keto-Certified base, COMMENT BELOW!

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No restaurant wants to be accused of failing to cater to their patrons. They are already providing crusts that are made out of cauliflower and gluten-free crusts. Instead of making their pizzas with dough, the keto dieter gets to dine on a pie that has been made with a flattened chicken breast.

Even those who are not keto dieters probably think that this pizza sounds awesome. The crust also contains a mixture of eggs and cheese. The pizzas are only available for a limited time and it remains to be seen if it will be a permanent addition to the menu. In the meantime, please be sure to share this awesome promotion with your keto-dieting friends and loved ones.

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