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Have you ever gone to reach for a brand-new condiment bottle only to realize that the bottle had leaked everywhere? Trust us: It’s gross.

Earlier this year David Collinson had the misfortune of opening his pantry only to find that the new bottle of ketchup he’d recently purchased had exploded, spilling ketchup all over the shelf. The discovery of his ketchup bottle’s demise could have easily ruined his night, but instead, David decided to share the tragic death of his condiment with the world.

David snapped a photo of the aftermath of the explosion and tagged the grocery store he purchased it from, Morrisons. He felt it only made sense to notify them about the heartbreaking death of his ketchup bottle.

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When Morrisons did not immediately respond to David’s tweet, he decided that the only appropriate thing to do was host a funeral for his beloved ketchup.

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In attendance were other members of the pantry. Naturally, it was a closed-casket (read: oven mitt) funeral.

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“The ketchup was like a brother to me, albeit one I squeezed onto chips [fries],” he told TIME in an interview.

“I held the funeral because I’m never one to turn down the chance to add a little humor into the world. That and I’d had a glass of wine.”

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Jenny from Morrisons finally responded to David’s tweets with the perfect comeback.

Despite her attempt to wrap up the issue, though, David let her know that he wasn’t done having fun just yet.

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David said that in the end, Morrisons compensated him for the bottle with five pounds. Although, it feels like the real win here comes from the awesome tweets that we were all able to enjoy. Thanks for the laughs, David!

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