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I think we can safely say that all of us realize it is important to eat plenty of greens. A salad a day keeps the doctor away, or at least that’s something we say around my house. In order to have that daily salad, we keep plenty of greens on hand, but we were always disappointed that they got brown and slimy so quickly.

Perhaps you’ve tried some tricks in the past, hoping it would extend the life of your leafy greens. You use the package that it was wrapped in originally from the store, but you still have problems with wilting. If you are ready to have your greens last long enough to eat, you can use this simple hack that is not only easy, it is free.

Photo: Unsplash

If you are somebody who tends to keep your lettuce as dry as possible, you are not doing yourself any favors. The way to keep your greens lasting longer is to store them on a damp paper towel. Just make sure the paper towel is not too wet and then line the bottom of the container so you can store the greens on top.

Photo: Unsplash

There are two things that leafy greens need to stay crisp. They have to have air and moisture. Wrapping them too tightly in a bag will cause them to oxidize and turn brown quickly. If you store them in a dry container, the greens are going to dry out.

Photo: Unsplash

Another tip is to chop up whole heads of lettuce and spin them in a salad spinner. This will help to keep the leaves lightly damp and get rid of bacteria that could cause them to wilt and turn brown quickly. Just make sure you remove the greens from the plastic as quickly as possible to allow air to circulate and replace the damp towels on occasion. You will have fresh-looking and tasting greens for close to a week.

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