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Berry season is upon us, and I for one, could not be more excited. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oh my! I love using fresh strawberries for strawberry buttermilk cake and strawberry rhubarb bars. For blueberries, I can’t wait to make this blueberry custard cheesecake!

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I wanted to share an awesome way to store your berries so you can get a longer shelf-life. Sure, you can use frozen fruits that will last much longer, and that’s fine for the rest of the year. But summer? I say if you can get fresh berries, go for it! They really do make all the difference in your baking.


Let’s start out with the wash. Go ahead and grab a salad spinner or a bowl if you don’t have a salad spinner. Fill it most of the way full with water, a splash of white vinegar, and a drop of dish soap. Pour your berries into the bowl and either spin to wash or gently swirl the berries with your hands to wash them. Then, rinse the berries off and move on to the next step!


Next, lay out your berries to dry on a clean cloth. Once dry, line the original container with a paper towel and place the berries back inside. Be sure to store them in the fridge! This method of washing and storing berries can increase their shelf-life for up to two weeks!

Check out the video below for more details!

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