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You may never have heard of Brittany Dixon, but she may just be someone that you will hear of more and more often.

If you happen to see her, you can’t help but notice that she looks almost too much like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As an artist from Queensland, Australia, she has put her creativity to good use. It seems as if she may also be putting her acting skills to good use, because Netflix may be using her for a part in “The Crown.” That drama that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II throughout history is sure to benefit from her amazing resemblance to the Duchess.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, she jokingly admits that she was being bullied into taking part in a new acting career. The video shows some side-by-side shots with her and Kate Middleton, showing the resemblance all too well.

Photo: TikTok/@brittanydixonart
Photo: TikTok/@brittanydixonart

It seems as if Netflix was hunting for people who had a resemblance to Kate Middleton, and the video was posted.

Rivera also showed the requirements for the role in the video, leaving no doubt that she was interested in playing the part.


Reply to @justforfun24770 OK U ARE ALL BULLYING ME INTO ACTUALLY DOING THIS 💘😂😂😂 #katemiddleton #netflix #thecrown #youngkatemiddleton @Netflix @the Crown Netflix #fyp

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If TikTok has anything to say about it, she will be a clear winner.

She also posted a second video saying that she did apply. It seems as if they wanted a video of her talking about something she loved, along with a selfie and some general info.


Reply to @normanfrock tehe yolo! Just wanted to thank you guys for being so kind! #katemiddleton #thecrown #thecrownnetflix #fyp #artist

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If looks have anything to do with it, she is almost sure to get it.

I mean, just watch the video below to really see the resemblance! It’s uncanny:


Ok.. even I’m freaked out now 🤣 #fyp #katemiddleton #katemiddletonlookalike #tiktokart #artistsoftiktok #katemiddletoncastingcall

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