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If you happen to be somebody who loves Johnson & Johnson’s talcum based baby powder, you might want to start looking for another brand. They have announced they will be discontinuing that baby powder that contains talcum powder in the United States and Canada.

There have been some allegations that talcum powder could lead to health issues. More specifically, some reports state that asbestos may be a natural occurrence in talc and could be hiding inside of baby powder. As a result of those allegations, the demand for the product has dropped.

“Demand for talc-based Johnson’s Baby Powder in North America has been declining due in large part to changes in consumer habits and fueled by misinformation around the safety of the product and a constant barrage of litigation advertising,” Johnson & Johnson said in a statement.

Photo: Pixabay / HG-Fotografie

Johnson & Johnson feels that the statements are not true but they also feel that it is not wise to sell a product when there is no demand for it. That is why it is being removed from the shelves.

“Decades of scientific studies by medical experts around the world support the safety of our product,” the company said. “We will continue to vigorously defend the product, its safety, and the unfounded allegations against it and the company in the courtroom. All verdicts against the Company that has been through the appeals process have been overturned.”

Johnson & Johnson has come under fire for some of its products in the past. At one time, there were accusations that another one of their baby powders contained asbestos. Some 33,000 bottles of baby powder were recalled last year when the FDA said the carcinogen was found in one of the bottles purchased online.

After the recall occurred, Johnson & Johnson said that they did their own research and could not find signs of asbestos.

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