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If you are anything like the rest of us, you have probably spent a lot of time watching home improvement shows over the past few years. Fixer Upper is one of our absolute favorites. It’s hosted by Joanna Gaines and her husband, Chip. The couple travels around the state of Texas, restoring all of the most decrepit homes that they can find. They waste no time turning these old residences into beautiful dwellings. Joanna is known for her design skills and has become something of a maven in this department.

She loves to create personal rooms that come with a farmhouse chic touch. Her recent book, Homebody, showcases some of these design secrets, including one she uses to enhance the look of smaller kitchens.

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We just finished construction on this beauty and I'm loving all the storage and space in this home. Excited for the lovely family that is moving in next month! #welcomehome @magnoliarealtytexas

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To get started, Joanna recommends the removal of any items that are non-essential from the countertops. This is a simple step that will immediately make the room look more spacious. You’ll want to put away any spices and condiments that are being left out on the counter. No, it does not matter if you are using them on a regular basis. They still need to be put away.

If items that are not essential are still being stored in plain sight, this will only cause the room to appear even smaller. Your small appliances and cookbooks also need to be put away. The more stuff you leave out, the more the room shrinks. Empty countertops provide the optical illusion that makes us believe we have more space.

If you’ve tried this trick, what do you think? Did it make your kitchen look or feel larger? Let us know!

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