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Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way since his days on The Man Show. Now, he is one of the most trusted names in late night. We love his comedy and his talk show has some of the funniest segments on television these days. While we don’t typically think of cooking when we think of Kimmel, all of that is about to change.

More and more celebrities are showing us their personal side and we get to see what their home lives are like, and most of them are spending their unexpected downtime with their families. Best of all, many of these celebrities are sharing helpful tips with their fans! As for Jimmy, he has recently provided us with a cooking lesson that we will not soon forget.

Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

We suspect this is to be one of many Kimmel cooking shows and we are 100 percent here for it. Viewers probably never thought that they would want to watch Jimmy Kimmel cooking shows, but here we are. Quarantine has changed everything. If you are anything like us, you cannot go back to the old ways of doing things. We need all of the Jimmy cooking shows and we need them now.

Sometimes, it’s nice to see celebrities handling normal, everyday tasks like the rest of us. While most of us picture celebrities sitting down to meals that are prepared by the world’s finest chefs, they are in the kitchen with their sleeves rolled up like everyone else. For Kimmel’s first cooking show, he decided to show the world his recipe for the one and only “Pasta Tina.”

This is a meal that he prepares for his children on a regular basis. Best of all, there are not many ingredients required. If you do not have the necessary ingredients on hand, Jimmy is here to provide you with some simple substitutes. In case you are worried about the health factor, this pasta sauce is made without any cream or butter.

So how does he manage to get this sauce to look so creamy if he’s not using any cream or butter? His secret is actually a fairly simple one: beans! We never would have thought of this one on our own, that is for sure.