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JetBlue did not have the cheese plates in its possession and supported its partner selling the inventory that the carrier no longer needed to Imperfect Foods. In JetBlue’s donation to Feeding America, it specifically worked with its snack partner TERRA to donate 100,000 bags of chips.


Now that we are not able to travel as easily as we once did, we find ourselves longing for different aspects of the experience. Whether you miss looking out the window on an airplane or you were looking forward to creating awesome vacation scenes this summer, we are all dealing with it in our own way. From the looks of it, many of us have finally hit rock bottom during this coping period.

People are actually reminiscing about airplane food! They are even having airplane food sent to their own homes. While this may seem like a silly choice, it’s not the cry for help that you think it is. It’s far nobler than you may have realized. You see, Imperfect Foods is looking to get rid of all the food waste that is being created by the lack of airline travel that is taking place at the moment.

Three-ounce snack packs are now available and they are comprised of dried cherries, crackers, and cheeses and can be had for just $2.99. At least these trying times have led to a major decrease in the cost of airline food. As one Twitter user put it, it’s funny to watch because these same snack packs would have been sold for at least $11 before the outbreak put a major damper on traveling.

Airplane food is not the hottest of commodities in most instances and that’s why Imperfect Foods is working tirelessly to dress things up a bit. The packaging looks much cooler than we would have expected, that is for sure. “This was one of our first COVID-19 food waste recovery opportunities,” said Phillip Behn, the Imperfect Food chief executive.

In addition to the snack packs that are being sold at the moment, Feeding America also received a sizable donation from the air travel provider.

If you are an airline food lover or you are simply looking for a deeper roster of snacks, this awesome opportunity awaits you. We never thought that we would exist in an era where eating airline food was considered to be a virtuous act but here we are.

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