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When the holidays roll around, we love to go shopping for all kinds of awesome presents for our friends and loved ones. There’s just one part that is less than fun. We cannot stand to wrap presents! It’s such a boring and tedious activity and it can even be difficult. If you are anything like us, you hate the process and would do anything to be done with it entirely.

Fortunately, we have the perfect hack to assist you. The holiday season does not have to be filled with all sorts of tedious activities. You can now sidestep them almost entirely. Thanks to this amazing Japanese gift wrapping hack, you can now shave all sorts of time off this task and with no sacrifices being made. YouTuber BeatTheBush is here to give us all the pointers that we need.

The technique is absolutely incredible. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to grab the necessary amount of wrapping paper. It should fully wrap around the entire width of the gift in question. Is it tall enough to cover the tallest sides of the gift and long enough to cover the longest sides? Once you have obtained the right size piece of wrapping paper, it is time to get started.

Image by Yvette Fang from Pixabay

Your first step is to place the gift in the center of your wrapping paper square. From there, roll it until it is adjacent to one of your corners. Take the edge closest to the gift and pull it onto the present. This offers you an edge to grab onto. Pinch it between your index finger and your thumb for the best results. Pull up the edge along the present’s short side. Push the paper in with your index finger.

This should allow you to create a fold. Wrap it up as high as it will go and tape it down into place. As soon as you have finished this step, you can repeat steps two and three. Pull the paper out for the final side, straighten the edges and pull it up over the gift. You are all set from there! Finally, gift wrapping has been made easy.

If you have any confusion about this project and you would like to find out more, the video below will provide you with all of the necessary information. Please be sure to pass this one along and let us know more about your own personal experiences with this hack.