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In the U.S. Kit Kat bars are a beloved snack that comes in several different sizes, although how they taste isn’t up for debate for most people. Aside from the occasional “unusual” flavor like apple pie or white chocolate, most Americans prefer the plain old milk chocolate variety. But, in Japan Kit Kat is the most popular chocolate sold there and it is made in hundreds of different flavors- many of which are unexpected.

strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat flavor from Japan
Via/ YouTube

When Kit Kats were first marketed in Japan in 1973 milk chocolate was the only flavor available. But, the rise in popularity of the candy meant that soon there were a lot of flavors being sold – an attempt to really cater to every taste. Flash forward to today and Kit Kat is a staple of Japanese snacking. The man behind many of the current flavors is pastry chef, Yasumasa Takagi, who has so far created 50 novel flavors for Kit Kat. Some of the more interesting varieties of Kit Kats are rum raisin, purple sweet potato, matcha, melon, banana, yuzu, and wasabi.

strayuzu and plum Kit Kat flavors from Japan
Via/ YouTube

The range of flavors differs according to which region of Japan you’re in, mimicking the rich cuisine of the country that varies by area. It sounds like a Kit Kat lover’s dream!

The candy has risen to popularity not only based on the satisfying taste and texture of the product, but also because the name Kit Kit resembles the Japanese word of kittokatsu, which translates to “sure to win”. Because of this Kit Kats are often given to students before testing for good luck. The candies may also be gifted to anyone who has a major life event or challenge ahead and the unique flavors make this gift-giving more special.

variety of Kit Kat flavors from Japan
Via/ YouTube

Find out about the process behind these amazing Japanese Kit Kat flavors in the video below.