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Are you the type of person that is looking for a little adventure in your life? Do you like coffee and living rent-free?

Great Blasket Island, located off the coast of Kerry in Ireland, is looking for a couple, or two friends, to work at its coffee shop as well as provide other “island accommodations” from April 2020 to October 2020. Although there is no information regarding salary, it does state that room and board will be provided.

Be forewarned…the island is VERY off the grid! According to the island’s website, they have been trying to remodel old homes and boost tourism.

With that being said, they still don’t have electricity, Wi-Fi, or hot water, according to RTE.

“We use gas hobs in the cottages and the coffee shop,” Alice Hayes, the main contact on the job posting, explained.

“We have gas canisters out the back. We know when the water is boiled with whistling kettles on top of the hobs, and we can cook on the gas hobs as well.”

“[There is also] a little wind turbine that generates enough electricity to charge one device, so you are not completely cut off.”

. However, for those who are interested in really getting in touch with nature, you can email Alice at info@greatblasketisland.net for more information. While we’re unsure of the deadline, the tweet is certainly popping off on Twitter, so we’d suggest applying soon.

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