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Everyone who has ever bought a home knows that inspections are a must. And preferably before you actually go into escrow.

As my friends and I move into real adulthood, we’re all figuring out the ins and outs of homeownership and the joys of inspections. It is so important to get your home inspected first before you move in and find out that oops, so much renovation has to be done to it.

Photo: Pixabay/jarmoluk

No one wants to end up like the scene in “How I Met Your Mother” where Ted’s inspector comes to look at the home he bought, only to be told it’s a money pit.

But while the scene is hilarious, it’s something that can totally happen in real life. And one video has captured a real-life home inspection by a certified professional home inspector. Inspector AJ from Tennessee made a hilarious video where he called out some builders who were selling a home for $500,000 that was full of many unsafe shortcuts made during the building.

Photo: YouTube/Inspector AJ

Some of these fixes include loads of caulk around fixtures – many of which are either broken or not attached at all to the home.

There is also uneven flooring, loose rails, loose electrical outlets, and a garage opener that wasn’t even attached after installation. On top of that all, there was a water heater whose support was dangerously inadequate.

Photo: YouTube/Inspector AJ

As AJ explained in the video, “If you get ready to drop half a million dollars on a brand new house you should probably get the outlets to not be loose. …you should also not use a wood pallet to support a water heater. The hose bib is not even attached to the house. It’s completely loose and we have a damaged window and instead of actually just replacing the trim, they just used caulk.”

Watch the video below:

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