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If you’re looking for some awesome DIYs to spruce up the kitchen, I’ve got you covered in this article! Kitchen renovations are a logistical nightmare, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. Good thing there are some really cute and easy ways to make the most of your space as-is. Let’s take a look at these simple yet powerful kitchen DIYs!

Cabinet Makeover

This first one is a little more involved than the others, but I think you’ll agree, the transformation is totally worth it! While this DIY is a bit labor-intensive, it’s still a simple process and very inexpensive.

Start by taking down your old cabinets. This is easier to do than you might think, but make sure to look up safety procedures if you decide to do this yourself. Once the cabinets are gone, simply sand down the wall, fill in the holes, and paint. All that’s left to do is attach brackets to the walls and lay your new shelves on top!

DIY Kitchen Island

Who doesn’t need more storage and counter space in their kitchen? This awesome DIY takes care of both! The best part is, this DIY uses inexpensive side tables from Walmart.

Go ahead and grab three black side tables. Assemble two of them. For the third one, you’ll only use the tabletop, not the legs. Attach wheels to the tabletop, then stack the other two tables on top, securing with industrial-strength glue like E6000. That’s it! Use this as extra counter space and storage.

Kitchen Conversion Chart

I’m in love with this idea! Grab a chalkboard that will fit on the inside of one of your cupboard doors. You can also just hang this on the wall if you want. Either way, once you have your chalkboard, go ahead and write out different conversions for a handy chart!

Next, attach the conversion chart using command strips or something similar. Finally, secure a row of key hooks or small hooks to the chalkboard using industrial-strength glue like E6000. Hang up your measuring spoons and cups and enjoy your cute little conversion chart!

Faux Roman Blinds

Here’s another incredibly easy DIY. If you love the look of Roman shades, this is the project for you! Start by hanging a curtain above your window of choice. Then, place three (or more) tension rods in your window, in front of the curtain.

Next, simply pull the fabric through slightly, creating a pocket. Continue pulling the fabric between the tension rods until you get the look you want. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

See even more kitchen DIYs in the video below!

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