Husband Embarrasses His Wife By Fake Proposing To Her All Over Disney World

He knows she hates making a scene, so he proposed to her all over the park as a prank.

When Kelly Lavery’s husband proposed she said, “yes!” – at least the first time. However, her now-husband continued to re-propose to her while on vacation at Disney World over and over again.

Apparently, Kelly hates making a scene and he knew a Disney World proposal would do just that. So, as a prank, he fake proposed to Kelly all over the Disney World park. Naturally, she wasn’t so enthusiastic about the proposal as the first time.

Photo: TikTok/kelly_kirb

Kelly shared a video of the fake proposals that were captured around the park. She captioned the video, “we were already engaged so he knew he could get away with this. We go back in June, wish me luck.”

Photo: TikTok/kelly_kirb

In the first few seconds, you can see Kelly’s husband bending down on one knee to propose and as soon as she realizes what’s happening, she breaks away and storms off. She captioned the clip, saying, “My husband fake proposed to me all over disney world because he knows i hate a scene”

Photo: TikTok/kelly_kirb

It does not matter where this woman is at the time, you’ll simply hear her fiance calling out to her and getting down on one knee. She’s a good sport to keep putting up with this and we have to give her a lot of props for that. Kelly is not about to tolerate his silliness in these clips, however. One of the funniest things is watching her speed walk in the opposite direction.

Watch the hilarious fake proposals below:


we were already engaged so he knew he could get away with this. We go back in June, wish me luck. #fyp #foryoupage #husbandwifecomedy

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They say a couple that laughs together stays together. Hopefully Kelly can at least look back and laugh at this!