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You’d like to think that we learn everything we need to know when we are in school. However, there are certain lessons that seem to elude many of us. That’s where Sidney Raz and his awesome TikTok feed comes into play. You can head to the @sidneyraz page and find out more about all of the tips and pointers that he has to offer.

As a result of his advice, he has been able to accrue over 1 million followers. He wants them to know more so that they do not have to go through the same learning process that he did. He’s already educated his massive audience on a number of different topics. The following is one of the most popular videos that he has ever put up. Some may have no idea that they have been using their lighters the wrong way this whole time but Sidney is here to help. We certainly did not know…..until now.

Photo: PixabayMathias Westermann

“Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s: how to use a lighter,” Sidney is happy to explain. “When lighting something that’s below, don’t light it this way and go down.” Instead of taking that approach, he flicks it with his left hand, which leaves the flame facing downward. This makes it much less likely for us to burn ourselves.

“Greatly reduce your risk of boo-boo owies,” Sidney continues. “Righties face the lighter to right, lefties face the lighters to the left.”

Photo: TikTok/sidneyraz
Photo: TikTok/sidneyraz

By facing the lighter in the right direction, these are the types of issues you can avoid. The comments were full of people admitting that they had no idea about this hack, even the smokers out there. I know for me, I’ve burnt my finger countless times by not knowing this. It could’ve saved me a lot of singed fingers!

There’s always something new to learn, no matter how old we are. Sidney is living proof. Check out the clip below to see the proper way to use a lighter in action:


i can use lighters safely now #inmy30s #firesafety

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