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If you are plagued with the curse of living in a cold-weather region, there are certain issues that you cannot avoid, especially once winter rolls around. Even though most of us didn’t get to fully enjoy our summers thanks to COVID-19, winter is now right around the corner and it’s time to get prepared. Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution to one of the most persistent problems of the season: foggy car windows.

Those foggy car windows can make mornings incredibly nerve-wracking. We have all experienced that moment when we are running late for work and the windows are still hard to see out of. The true desperados out there will simply wipe away a small patch and attempt to drive anyway. This is obviously not the best way to go about dealing with this problem, though, as it can be dangerous and scratch the glass. But ChrisFix on YouTube has a video tutorial to help eliminate this problem once and for all.

Photo: YouTube / ChrisFix

Chris actually tries a bunch of different methods for defogging the windows, from using hand sanitizer and potatoes, to store-bought products. Thanks to him, we now know which method actually works, without having to do all of the experimentation.

Even if you reside in a warm-weather locale, you’ll still want to share this with your cold-weather friends. It’s concern trolling at its finest.

Check it out: