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Hard boiled eggs are a great source of protein and a super portable snack on the go. But peeling that hard boiled egg often proves to be quite challenging, leaving us with a mangled, pock-marked egg. We much rather prefer having a smooth egg than one that looks like it’s been struck by a meteor shower. This inspired a mission to find the best ways to peel a hard boiled egg. Check out our tutorial with 4 ways to make the impossible possible – peeling a hard boiled egg no longer has to be an exercise in futility!

The first step is to boil the eggs with a little bit of baking soda, this will change the ph level and help with the peeling process later. Once the eggs are boiled and cooled, now you can tackle one of these four methods for releasing an egg from its hard boiled shell.

Method #1

Peel eggs in a bowl of water. Gently crack eggs first, then place in a bowl of water. The water will seep into the cracks and help release the shell from the egg.

Method #2

Cover the cooled pot used to boil eggs with a plate, and a little bit of water. Shake vigorously, but with some sensitivity to the eggs. Lift up the plate and you’ll find the shell separated from the egg.

Method #3

This is pretty similar to the previous method, just on a smaller scale. Place one egg into a cup filled with a little bit of water. Place your hand or small dish over cup and shake. Once again, the shell should break away from the egg.

Method #4

Tap and roll hard boiled egg on a hard surface. Insert a knife or spoon just under the skin and turn the egg in your hand. The shell should release easily.

We hope one of these helps you conquer that hard boiled egg challenge. To help you see how this works, check out our video tutorial. Happy peeling!

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