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Kyle Istook shared one of the most controversial egg-making hacks on TikTok and people can’t decide if it’s disgusting or genius.

Kyle’s video is perfect for anyone who had ever wondered if it was at all possible for them to make an omelette inside of a bag. We were not asking that question, personally, but we would never judge anyone who has been thinking about it.

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

“Would you ever try this?” papa Kyle captioned his clip. His method is fairly easy to follow, as expected.

He starts by taking a few eggs and cracking them into a Ziploc bag. Once that’s taken care of, Kyle proceeds to squeeze them as a means of breaking them down. Then, he adds his omelette fixings of shredded cheese, salt, and pepper.

Photo: TikTok/kyleistook
Photo: TikTok/kyleistook

The bag is then unceremoniously dumped into a pot of boiling hot water. When it is removed from the pot, a fully cooked omelette has been formed.

Photo: TikTok/kyleistook

While some people think it’s brilliant, others find it disgusting. The real issue comes into play when you think about boiling plastic.

Ziploc’s bags are allegedly free of toxins, but they will start to melt at a temperature of 195 degrees. As this is well below the temperature that your water will reach when it begins to boil, we would probably advise against putting them in boiling water with food. It’s definitely a convenient and quick way to cook an egg, but probably not the safest.

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