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Planning a wedding can be a major challenge. Every time it feels like you have crossed off all of the necessary tasks, another concern pops up.

For example, wedding photos are not always considered during this process. Unfortunately, a failure to do so can lead to some unwanted additions to your photo albums from the big day. It is so easy for the ambiance of these photos to be ruined.

Photo: flickr/Wonderlane

We have all seen the photos from weddings that could have used a redo. No one wants to see dozens of revelers trying their best to get their own pictures of the bride and groom. That’s why this TikTok user/wedding planner is here to help out. She knows your pain and she is hoping to help all of us through it.

Those who would like to preserve the magical moments and keep phones out of their pictures would do well to read on and learn more. Our new friend Claire is uniquely qualified to discuss this. She serves as the creative director and lead wedding planner behind Grit and Grace Events. This useful tip is an absolute game-changer for all parties involved, no doubt about it.


The clip has already received over 1 million views, as people are loving every moment of this supremely important wedding hack. “Do you want people’s phones in all of your wedding pictures? I’m going to assume no,” she says at the beginning on the now-viral clip. “But, like, people don’t always listen, you know? Fear not, I have the most effective ways to get people to put their phones away so they’re not in all your wedding pictures.”

“First up is a sign like this,” Claire continues. From there, she displays a photo of a helpful sign that advises putting up to put a stop to excessive phone usage. “We love our photographer. You will, too. Put the phone down. (We mean it. Love you.),” the sign says.

Photo: TikTok//@gritandgraceeventsco

This makes all of the sense in the world to us. Why would anyone want phones in their pictures? “It’s really fricking cute,” Claire is sure to add.

“But I kid you not, the most effective way to do it is ask your officiant to announce [the no photo rule] before the ceremony starts. Works like a charm,” she concludes.

Watch the video below:


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