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Anyone who has spent any time in the kitchen probably knows the pain associated with getting some eggshell in the food.

After all, it’s not always easy to get out and can leave your fingers dripping with gooey egg yolk.

Photo: Pixabay/ds_30

Thankfully, a professional chef recently went viral for offering a solution to this all-too-common problem.

Australian cook Robbie Bell shared the hack on TikTok and it’s incredibly simple to follow. According to him, all you have to do to remove eggshells from a bowl is to use the rest of the eggshell to scoop it out.

Photo: TikTok/robbiebell8

“The best way to remove eggshell from your egg is by using one of the halves of the shell you just cracked. It works every single time,” he said.

It’s one of those hacks that will have you wondering why you did not think of it on your own.

Photo: Max Pixel

One thing is for sure: Our breakfasts just got a lot more awesome!

Watch the video below:


This is great little tip. #foodhack #chefstips

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