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Summer is for barbecuing. Nothing defines the season quite like having a group of friends over while you light up the grill and throw some meat onto cook.

Besides making some grilled veggies, the barbecue is also perfect for making burgers. Burgers are the epitome of summer cuisine, but making them can be a little hard. Shaping them and getting them to keep their shape isn’t always the easiest of tasks.


Thanks to Justin Chapple from Food & Wine, there is a solution. In the video below, Chapple explained that it all comes down to the basic ingredient: ground beef.

Picking the right ground beef can help make a difference. There is no need to go with the pre-made frozen versions. Thanks to his video, you can make your own flavorful and juicy burgers right at home.


Chapple suggests picking something with some fat content if you want a truly juicy and tasty burger.

According to Food Network, the executive chef from New York City’s NoMad Hotel, James Kent, proposes a meat-to-fat ratio of 75/25 for the perfect burger.

For Chapple, forming the burger comes down to consistency with the shape and thickness. As he explains, “Most people, they overwork the patties, and that causes them to be tough and dry.”

Photo: YouTube/FOOD & WINE

But he has an easy solution in that people can form up a good burger by using two Tupperware lids to create a burger patty press.

It’s so simple yet effective!

Check out the technique below:

What do you think? How do you make your burger patties? Let us know!

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