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It’s probably a safe bet that your couch has seen a lot more wear and tear since the start of March 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic still holding many of us hostage in our homes, our couches have become a second home.

We conduct business meetings on them, catch up on video calls with friends, stream endless hours of entertainment, and so much more. Given that our couches are so important these days, we want to be as comfortable as possible.


Unfortunately, with all the time we spend on them, they might get a little lumpy in places leaving them saggy and not at all enjoyable to sit on. Fortunately, there might be a fix for that.

Rather than start scouring the internet for cheap couches, you can simply make your old couch feel brand new!


According to an article by HuffPost, the simplest way of going about this is to flip and fluff the couch cushions.

They explained that regular rotation helps to avoid the cushions getting saggy in one spot because you’re helping to redistribute the stuffing inside the pillows. However, if cushion rotation simply isn’t a good enough solution for your particular problem, there is always another option.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While it’s a bit more hard work, there is always the option to restuff the cushion. Or, a third option advised by interior design firm Tilton Fenwick, is to get an upholsterer to tighten or replace the jute webbing. The jute webbing is the woven fiber layer that runs along the bottom of the sofa and it will often get looser the more the couch is used. By tightening it or replacing it, you can save the middle of your couch from sinking.