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If you haven’t had a nice glass of rosé yet this summer, we are not sure what you are doing with your life. There is no better way to pass the lazy evenings and afternoons on those hazy summer days. When we speak to the sommeliers that we know, they offer the same bit of advice: keep your white wine around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, no one wants to think about these things when they’re trying to take the edge off.

We just want a cold glass of wine, without all of the hassles. There’s just one problem: It is awfully hard to keep your wine cold when you are spending time outside in the hot sun. When the wine glass starts to sweat, that’s when we know our moments are numbered. We’ve all had those moments in the past when we’re hanging out, chatting with friends, and the next thing you know, the wine is lukewarm.

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Of course, this is when most people will decide to add some ice cubes to their wine glass. This is what we call a rookie mistake. No true wine aficionado would ever be caught dead doing such a thing. There are few things worse than lukewarm wine, but watery wine is definitely one of them.

So how do we avoid such an inglorious fate? The solution is so genius, you will be mad that you did not think of it first. The best part of all (as if you needed any more incentive?) is the hack can be consumed once you are finished with it. A cold glass of wine AND a delicious snack?!

Consider us sold. The secret to keeping your wine nice and cold is actually not a secret at all. In fact, it was right under your nose this whole time. There’s a semi decent chance that the solution is in your fridge or freezer as we speak. Okay, we know that you are tired of all of the guessing games so we are going to get right down to business.

It’s frozen grapes!

If you would like to learn about more of the nuances of this important method, please take a moment to check out the video that we have been so gracious to provide. Be sure to drop this one in the group chat, so the secret can travel (and everyone can compare notes!).