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Many people overlook the importance of keeping the dishwasher filter clean. Some might be wondering why they would have to, especially if their machine is not that old. Trust us on this one, it is something that you are going to want to do immediately.

Go ahead, go and take a look right now. Don’t worry, we’ll be right here waiting for you. Are you back yet? We are willing to bet that what you found was so disgusting, you are willing to take whatever advice we have to offer.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Before proceeding, take a gander at your owner’s manual. You’ll need to make sure that your filter is not self-cleaning.

Check the base of the appliance under the bottom rack for the filter. In the majority of instances, all you are going to have to do is slide the rack forward, twist the filter, and pull up. Once the filter is removed, it is time for cleaning to begin.

Photo: YouTube/Reviewed

To start cleaning, take some warm and soapy water and get scrubbing! Wash the filter and screen thoroughly and rinse it all out when you are done. It is really that easy.

Pop the filter back in and make sure that the screen that was taken out with it is also put back in.

Photo: YouTube/Reviewed

In the majority of instances, the filter should be cleaned on a monthly basis. This allows your dishwasher to run better and keeps it from being backed up by the needless food gunk that collects down there.

Dishwashers are an expensive appliance to replace and you will want to make sure that yours runs well for as long as possible. Watch the video below:

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