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It is not every day that someone gets to travel to Genoa, Italy to find out more about the most authentic way to make Italian pesto. This is something that is not lost on Food Insider correspondent Claudia Romeo.

As many know, Genoa, Italy is the location where pesto first originated from. Anyone who gets the chance to visit the place where pesto was first invented is sure to appreciate it.

Photo: Unsplash/Nathalie Jolie

“Here is where pesto was invented. And ask any Genoese you know, and they will tell you that pesto made outside of the city just can’t compete with the one that is made here. Why? Because all the seven ingredients here are just a little bit more special,” says Romeo in an interview with Food Insider. When she arrived in Genoa, she was given the chance to visit with Roberto Panizza, the owner of Pesto Rossi.


Wait until you have a chance to see the batch that Panizza had the chance to whip up. You won’t be able to believe your eyes.

The savory, fragrant dish is sure to have your mouth watering. The hardest part for us to wrap our minds around is the fact that he only needed seven ingredients for the original recipe.


The manner in which the pesto is prepared is perfect, as it combines modern and traditional principles. Panizza’s Instagram account is an absolute delight, as you will get to see for yourself how the pesto has been prepared. It’s nice to know that we are closer to becoming proficient in this regard than we could have ever expected.


Pesto is one of those dishes that make us feel like total amateurs and that’s what this tutorial from Panizza is such an important one.

One of the coolest parts for us was checking out the pestle and mortar set that Panizza used to whip up the more traditional batch. The set is believed to be over 300 years old! We wonder how many batches have been crafted using this very set.


“We traveled to Genoa, Italy, where pesto was invented, to meet Roberto Panizza, owner of Pesto Rossi and the restaurant Il Genovese, and find out what makes each of the seven ingredients so distinctly Genovese,” Romeo shared. Kudos to her for making the trip and giving us the chance to learn more about this classic dish.

Watch the video below:

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