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Charcuterie has become a bit of a buzzword this year and for good reason. This was once a niche interest. Now, it has become mainstream. We are here to provide you with a closer look at one of the coolest boards that you are ever going to come across and they aren’t the meat and cheese spreads that most of us are used to seeing.

The hot chocolate charcuterie boards are full of everything you need to make the perfect cup of cocoa – all styled cutely and ready to use.

Whether you keep your chocolate in a mason jar or you have lots of packets, there is nothing wrong with using them here. Candy canes, chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped cream can all be used as well. The fun does not have to stop here, though. The board can be filled with chocolate chips, peppermint bark, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and even mini cakes.

There is no one who can make the rules for what is placed in your cup of hot cocoa. Be sure to remember that. Now that we have sparked a craving for hot cocoa, it is time to take a closer look at some of the best Instagram posts on the topic. These photos are sure to provide you with plenty of inspo for your own boards!

1. Instagrammer @oakvillecharcuterie is here to provide you with some great ideas. Their boxes come with Christmas tree cakes and that are truly an inspired touch!

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2. Meanwhile, @carpenterswifeadventures is welcoming everyone to her 8th annual Holiday Home Decor Tour. Not a moment too soon, either. We cannot wait to take a closer look at her homestead.

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A post shared by Christina (@carpenterswifeadventures)

3. @brookeagraham’s board is too tasty for words. We want one of everything, if possible.

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A post shared by Brooke Graham (@brookeagraham)

4. @dytcharcuteriegal has some of the tastiest cookies that we have seen yet. If we could reach through the screen and grab some of those reindeer treats, we would!

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A post shared by Dayton Charcuterie Gal (@dytcharcuteriegal)

5. The choc-a-holics of the world are definitely going to fall in love with the @cocoatasting4you board. This board is filled with every possible type of chocolate that you could ask for (and then some)!

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What would you put on your hot chocolate charcuterie board?

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