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According to the internet, there’s a lot you can do with Hot Cheetos. If the TikTok videos are to be believed, then you can even make a Hot Cheetos salad – something that sounds a little counterproductive if you’re trying to be healthy.

Of course, if health is of no consequence, then you might be interested in testing out the recipe for a Hot Cheetos salad.

Photo: flickr/Calgary Reviews

The creative salad was the invention of TikTok user, @rxthism, who was the first to share the unique salad recipe on social media back at the end of August.

The salad idea quickly caught on in popularity amongst those who love Hot Cheetos. Those who tried it ended up really liking the snack, and so they went ahead and reshared the recipe on their own platforms.

Photo: TikTok/@rxthism

The entire salad recipe is actually quite simple to make, and calls for only five ingredients: cilantro, cucumbers, lemon juice, Tapatío hot sauce, and of course, the star of the dish, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

All you need to do is combine all five ingredients into a bowl and then you can enjoy the crunchy salad. However, it should be noted that Tapatío is the only way to go in terms of hot sauce, no other one will do.

Photo: TikTok/@rxthism

Needless to say, the snack proved to be quite popular amongst those who adore everything Hot Cheetos. Personally, I love Hot Cheetos but I’m still not entirely convinced by this recipe the way I have been with others, but maybe one of these days I’ll give it a go. It has rave reviews after all.

Check out the video below:


Day 10 trying to get @spicekingcam to try my salad 🥗🔥

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What do you think of the Hot Cheetos recipe? Would you ever try this? Let us know!

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