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When it comes to lip balm, there is no shortage of awesome options. It can be hard to choose which lip balm to pick, but the latest and greatest takes all the decision-making out of the process.

Hostessrolled out their very own flavor, and these lip balms are designed to taste like all of your favorite treats: donettes.

FoodieWithTheBeasts found these gems at their local Dollar Tree and shared them with the world:

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Dollar tree has really upped their game! Ever gotten chapped lips and thought you know what would really do the trick? Donuts. Introducing Hostess, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Bubble Yum, Jolly Rancher, Ice Breaker, Oreo, and Twizzler Chapsticks!! All available now for $1 (Jolly Rancher and Sour Patch come in numerous flavors, just unable to get them all in 1 post) Can you guess which one I bought πŸ˜‚

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Now, you can take Hostess donettes to-go in a whole new way, on your lips!

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How we look right before we smash some Snack Sized Donettes 😼🍴 … #Donette #Donettes #Powdered #PowderedDonuts #Donuts #Donut #Snack #Yum #Want #Need #Meme #Memes #Memestagram #GetInMyBelly

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If your local dollar store doesn’t have them in stock, you can find loads of options for buying this lip balm on Ebay. I, for one, cannot wait to try it out. What do you think? Do you want donettes-flavoring on your lips all day?

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