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This weekend offers lovebirds the chance to showcase their relationships and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. Even those who are not in committed relationships right now can find their own way to celebrate, and the good folks at Hooters are here to help. You may remember the promotion from last year that allowed us to eat free wings and trash our exes.

This year, they’re bringing it back once again. The promotion, called “Shred Your Ex”, allows you to get a free 10 piece boneless wing for Valentine’s Day!

Photo: Instagram / hooters

All you have to do? Shred a photo of your ex. You can shred the photo in-person or virtually, so don’t worry if you don’t have a printed copy of your ex. To shred the photo virtually and participate in the promotion, simply head to Hooter’s website and answer a few questions about your relationship with your ex.

Photo: Hooters

Then, upload a photo of them, choose the method you’d like to dispose of their photo, and you’re set to get a voucher for free wings! You can choose to shred the photo, nail it, burn it, or bury it.

Photo: Hooters

In order to claim the free wings, Hooters lovers will need to dine in, so bear that important fact in mind. We don’t know about you but we are definitely going to be taking advantage of this promotion.

Some might be wondering why they would participate in such a promotion if they are already in a relationship of their own. That’s a fair question, of course. Think about it this way, though. If you and your new boo each participate in the promotion, guess what? The two of you will have 20 boneless wings to enjoy, on the house.

If there is anything better than food, it is free food.

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