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Anyone who is looking to catch up on some shut-eye would love this bus in Hong Kong. The tickets are exceedingly cheap, as they can be had for anywhere from $13 to $51.

This double-decker bus allows patrons to get all nice and cozy in their seats, giving them the chance to drift off to dreamland. The engine’s purr and the white noise that the journey creates are enough to make anyone sleepy.


The bus, part of Ulu travel, goes all over Hong Kong, also giving riders the chance to stop off for a “food coma lunch.” Those who are able to stay awake can stop and check out various local landmarks. If the ride ends up going according to plan though, no one should even be awake to see any of this stuff.

Passengers even receive goody bags that come with earplugs and eye masks to help them block out any further noise and light.

Photo: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

The idea came from someone who could only sleep on buses. According to NPR, they thought, “Why not create a bus that is specifically designed for such a purpose?” Now, his company has built an entire route around this principle and we love to see it. We are sure that the tired passengers do as well.

This is an experience that is sure to appeal to those who had to be driven around the neighborhood as a baby when it was time for bed. We were among those children. Our parents love to tell us the stories of how they had to load us into the car so that they were also able to finally get some shuteye.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Who wouldn’t love to re-create the experience of sleeping like a baby? We know that we would. This tour is known as the “Sleeping Bus Tour” and it has been an immediate success. When the bus left for its maiden voyage around the country a few weeks back, they were fully booked.

From the looks of it, there are lots and lots of people out there who could use a good nap. You can learn more about the tour here.

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