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Starbucks is well-known around the world for its many different coffee creations. Not only do they have original creations on their main menu, but there is an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to their secret menu.

Of course, the secret menu is not official, but thanks to tech-savvy caffeine addicts, there is a plethora of hacks on social media for how you can order off the secret menu. The latest creation that has people excited is the Honey Bee Cold Brew.

Photo: Unsplash

Earlier this year, Starbucks added honey syrup to its menu which is one of the main draws of this secret menu creation. Based on the Totally the Bomb’s blog post about it, it looks like the perfect summer drink! It is made with honey syrup, almond milk, and cold foam.

Photo: Pixabay

Since it’s on the secret menu, you can’t exactly stroll into your local Starbucks and ask for it by name. Instead, you need to give your barista specific instructions as to how to make it, at is where the instruction hacks come in handy.

According to Totally The Bomb, you can get this drink by requesting a Venti Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew with light ice. From there, you’ll want to ask for two additional pumps of vanilla syrup as well as a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam topping. But just be warned that the last ask will be an additional dollar.


What do you think of this secret menu drink? Does it sound like something that you’d be tempted to try? Let us know!

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