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We can’t put our fingers on exactly what it is that makes us (and every other person) go crazy for fall, but as soon as the temperature starts to drop and we get a few of those crisp days, we go into Autumn Overdrive. Pumpkin spice lattes, butternut squash, apple sauce, etc., we cannot get enough of it. Because of that, we decided to give you a little peek at what we do when we want to make our pumpkin dishes extra special…we make the pumpkin puree from scratch!

Now, anytime we hear the phrase “from scratch,” we think there has to be a lot of work involved, but we promise you that is not the case. Dani, from Clean & Delicious, explains the simple process of making your own pumpkin puree – which we can wholeheartedly vouch for – and we’re with her, the from-scratch version far exceeds the canned version, so it’s absolutely worth it to try it out and taste the difference for yourself!

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