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St. Patrick’s Day has been over for months now. Why would anyone need to add green food coloring to anything at this point? Is this woman just a very proud Irishwoman?

As it turns out, Gemma Stafford uses this color to create her perfect Halloween treat. And if you thought ice cream season was already over, you’ll need to reconsider that point of view.

More holidays need to be centered around the consumption of treats if we are being totally real with you. This treat gives you the chance to make your very own homemade ice cream with a spooky twist. That may seem complicated to anyone who hasn’t done it before, but trust us when we say it’s totally doable for all skill levels!

Photo: YouTube / Gemma Stafford

It’s easy, fun, and totally festive. We do not wish to ruin the surprise for you, so you are going to want to take a moment to watch Gemma’s awesome tutorial.

Ice cream and Halloween are not always associated with one another but we are hoping to change all of that this year. Please take a moment to share Gemma’s excellent recipe with the ice cream lovers in your life. Enjoy your ice cream, everyone.