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With all the gingerbread houses, cookie decorating, candy canes, and roasted chestnuts, the holidays can seem synonymous with food. And we’re all well aware that gift giving is a pretty important factor this time of year. The two often go hand in hand, with traditional foods being given as gifts… but that doesn’t mean those gifts are always well received by the recipient. (Fruitcake, anyone?)

But never fear. Often economical and always with that thoughtful homemade touch, food can still be a great gifting option. If you choose something that’s unique, delicious, and/or helpful, you can find a food gift that’s welcomed and well-loved. Here are some of our favorite homemade food gifts – ones that your loved ones will always be happy to receive!

Sugar Cookie Popcorn

Those giant tins of popcorn are an ever-present sight around the holidays, but their neon orange tinge leaves a bit to be desired. This Sugar Cookie Popcorn, though, is in a class all its own and will have anyone thanking you sincerely for the gift. Though it’s irresistibly sweet and crunchy, it’s easy to put together too. All it takes is the microwave! See our recipe here.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot chocolate around the holidays might be common, but hot chocolate on a stick? Not so much. Wrap these up in cellophane and adorn with a cute ribbon for a unique and cozy gift! See our recipe here.

Vanilla Extract

Sure, you can buy vanilla extract at the store, but like with most things, the homemade version is SO much better. It’s a simple process that just involves soaking vanilla beans in vodka. It takes some forethought but your friends and family will love this gift that remains useful well after the holidays are over.

Holiday Fudge

No one is going to argue that fudge is a rare sight around the holidays, but this particular fudge is always welcome. Rich chocolate, studded with cherries, pistachio, and flaked coconut, it’s a unique flavor combination that everyone loves. See how to make it here.

Compound Butter

Who doesn’t love butter? Exactly. That’s why butter makes a great gift. Compound Butters offer a little extra something special and make great hostess gifts! Here are our five favorite versions.

Hot Chocolate Mix

A standard packet of hot cocoa mix is nothing to sneeze at, but we can promise you that it doesn’t hold a candle to the homemade version. It’s super quick to mix up and makes a great gift when packaged up in mason jars. See our easy recipe here.

No-Bake Haystack Cookies

By the time January rolls around, cookies can feel a little worn out, but Haystacks are always welcome. These are an easy no-bake confection, somewhere between candy and a cookie, and we love to give them as gifts! See how to make them here.

Homemade Liqueur

Homemade liqueurs are surprisingly easy to make and a gift that your friends and family will go on appreciating long after the holidays are over. (If they last that long.) From limoncello to coffee liqueur, there are countless options and most just involve soaking simple ingredients in spirits. Make a big batch, package them up in pretty bottles, and you can cross even the pickiest person off your list.

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