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Sponges aren’t just for scrubbing dishes anymore! With these 12 insanely clever ways to use sponges around the house, you’ll wonder how you’ve never thought to use a sponge this way before!

One really creative use for a sponge is for a portable jewelry holder. Instead of shoving earrings and rings into your makeup bag, grab a sponge! You can insert post earrings right into the sponge and secure the backing on the other side. For dangling earrings, simply cut a slit for the earring to fit through. For rings, cut a slit halfway through the sponge for your rings to fit. Then, put the sponge in a recycled gift card tin or Altoids tin and you’re ready to travel!

Another genius way to use sponges around the house is to line your fridge drawers. Why might you want to do that? For starters, it can help soak up any liquids from fruits or veggies you keep in the crisper trays. Secondly, the sponges can help soak up some of the funky smell in your fridge. It seems like a real win-win.

See what other fun and creative ways you can use sponges around the house in the video below! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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