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It’s been over a decade coming, but we’re finally getting a sequel to everyone’s Halloween favorite, “Hocus Pocus.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Sanderson sisters in action, but this year the iconic trio are making their cinematic return! Disney+ has released their first teaser trailer for the upcoming film, “Hocus Pocus 2,” which will be released on the streaming service on the 30th of September.

Photo: YouTube/Disney+

Reviving their roles as the Sanderson sisters from the original 1993 comedy are Bette Midler as Winifred, Kathy Najimy as Mary, and Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah.

We first got a look at a sneak peek into the upcoming sequel when Disney+ released their promotional shot last year in 2021, as the film went into production:

The teaser trailer follows the events of the first movie, which – spoilers – ended with the Sanderson sisters being defeated by teens after they tried to steal a young girl’s soul. However, as the teaser trailer highlights, “This Halloween Season, some legends never die.” And as the Disney+ description shared, the sisters will be back and the Black Flame Candle will once again be lit.

Photo: YouTube/Disney+

The full voiceover for the trailer states, “It’s been 29 years since someone lit the Black Flame Candle and resurrected the 17th-century sisters, and they are looking for revenge. Now it is up to three high-school students to stop the ravenous witches from wreaking a new kind of havoc on Salem before dawn on All Hallow’s Eve.”

Once they’re back from the beyond, the trailer shows the sisters embarking on their quest for revenge. There is even a reference to the last film’s musical number, when one person says to them, “Hey! The Sanderson Sisters! I’ll bet you’re looking for the stage!” Winifred answers with, “Always.”

Photo: YouTube/Disney+

The sequel will be released to stream on Disney+ this autumn – just in time for Halloween. Of course, if you want to refresh your memory on the events of the first “Hocus Pocus,” you can watch the original now on Disney+

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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