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A new baby is always a blessing, but sometimes older siblings aren’t as excited as Mom and Dad. In fact, these siblings have some pretty hilarious reactions to realizing there’s going to be another human taking attention away from them. I’m sure they came around eventually…

If you’re looking for a good laugh today, or possibly something to share with your beloved siblings, this is the list for you! Check out these kids’ over-the-top reaction to their newest siblings!

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”


That face says it all! “Yikes! What is this? It’s going to be living with us?”

Setting the tone for a beautiful sibling rivalry


I can just hear Mom and Dad’s thoughts right about now. “This doesn’t bode well…”

“Uh, what do I do with it?”


This kid isn’t so much bemoaning the fact that he has a sibling, but rather confused about what happens next. “I just… hold it? And it sleeps all day?”

Eviction notice


Wow, that is one upset older sister! To be fair, I’m sure no one is giddy with excitement when they get an eviction notice.

When you realize you’re the middle child now

Give It Love

I think I love the oldest sister’s expression as much as the now-middle child’s expression. Clearly, the middle child is not thrilled with the news, but the oldest sister looks so smug!

“Great. Just great.”


That face! I can’t get over her absolutely deadpan expression. “Be a big sister, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Look at me now. Just look at me.”

“I thought I was the baby…”


Here’s another case of middle child syndrome! Older brother looks so sweet with his newest little sibling, while the other brother looks like he’s already over being the middle child.

Sibling rivalry: An origin story


First, I just want to give a shoutout to the smiling mom! She’s got her hands full, that’s for sure. Especially with her middle daughter. I have a feeling the oldest sister will need to play peacemaker throughout the years.

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