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‘Tis The Season For Holiday Fails!

Take a few minutes out of the busy holiday schedule to have a good-natured laugh at these family bloopers!

YouTube/The Best Fails

‘Tis the season for chopping down Christmas trees, attempting cute family photos, stringing up lights, and all kinds of other seemingly harmless but festive activities. In reality, the holidays are ripe with opportunities to fail, and fail hard.

From putting the star on top of the tree to trying out new gifts, there’s always a way to biff it! Moms, dads, siblings, even cats and dogs are in on the fun. Or, rather, they’re in on the fails, and we get to be in on the fun.

YouTube/The Best Fails

Below, you’ll find some of the most hilarious Christmas fails from last year. Don’t worry, no one was seriously hurt in any of these video clips, aside from their ego. And hey, they certainly made Christmas more memorable!

Maybe we can learn from their mistakes, but in all likelihood, we might show up on the compilation from next year. Take a few minutes between dashing to the store, baking, and decorating to have a good-natured laugh at some of these family bloopers.

YouTube/The Best Fails