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You might think that you have your home under control from a cleaning standpoint, but do you really? There are so many unforeseen germs lurking around the house, and worst of all, there is almost no way of knowing about them. It doesn’t matter how much mopping, bleaching, and scrubbing you are able to do either. So how do we handle the germs that are hiding out of plain sight?

Good Housekeeping’s dirt specialists, Meaghan Murphy and Carolyn Forte, have been enlisted by Inside Edition. The hidden spots that they uncovered might surprise you. They need to be cleaned thoroughly before your home is truly grime-free.

For starters, the refrigerator drip pan is sure to be filled with all sorts of gunk and buildup. In order to keep the drip pan clean, it needs to be taken care of once a month.

Washing machines are another pressure point in the battle against filth. Top loading washing machines and fabric softener dispensers are particularly problematic. The dispenser needs to be cleaned out in intervals. And the door must also be left open to air out from time to time, so that the germs do not have a chance to take over.

Photo: YouTube / Inside Edition

Is bath time becoming less than fun? The hidden dirt may be to blame. Peel up that bath map and you are probably not going to like what you see. Visible yellowing means that bacteria are actively growing on the suction cups. Grab a scrub brush and some bleach, so that you are not allowing bacteria to grow without taking the time to do something about it.

The last stop on the house tour is the most expected of all. The kid’s bedroom is obviously going to be the site of a number of germ related issues. It’s probably Ground Zero in most homes if we are being honest. Rubber toys are particularly troublesome. When she takes the time to slice one open, it is a gross moment that we could have done without. It’s a necessary step, though.

Do you want to learn more about how to safeguard your home and your little ones? Of course, you do. Be sure to take a closer look at this clip, so that you can learn more about the ins and outs of her process. She’s a wizard when it comes to this stuff and there is no denying that!

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