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Most of us are accustomed to seeing life hacks on social media. We may jump from one social media video to another, trying to learn everything that we can so we can be more competent in the kitchen or in any other part of the home.

An interesting hack has come about on the home improvement blog by Leah Bolden. She shared something interesting about electrical outlets in Canada in the United States.

Photo: flickr/Sery Content Development MT

It seems as if those outlets contain tools that are right in front of our faces but we rarely ever use them.

Perhaps the most convenient of the tools are really only used by those who are home do-it-yourselfers that install their own outlets.


There is a wire stripping gauge on the back of the outlet so you don’t strip too much or too little wire.

The second tool is not as easily seen. It is a pair of wire strippers that are below the screw holes on the Eaton electrical outlet.

Photo: YouTube/seejanedrill

You can use one side of the wire stripper for 12 gauge wire and the other for 14 gauge wire. It may not be the most convenient option but it will help out in a pinch.

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