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When most of us fly, we don’t necessarily have the most comfortable accommodations.

Sure, there may be a few comforts involved, including access to bathrooms and maybe a pack of peanuts to pass the time but very few of us would describe the experience as being comfortable.

Photo: flickr/Caribb

It seems as if that isn’t the case for everybody on board. For some, flying in first-class provides some extra comfort but when you see what is hidden on the Airbus 350, you might just want to get your pilot’s license.

Swedish pilot Björn Lundström gave us a peek behind the scenes in a special tour of the electronics room and the sleeping quarters that are located beneath the cockpit of that plane.

Photo: YouTube/bjornpilot
Photo: YouTube/bjornpilot

Most people who are involved in the industry already realize these compartments exist. It can’t really be called a secret, but what it can be called is awesome.

See it for yourself here:

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