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You Can Make Mayo-Flavored Ice Cream With The New Heinz Ice Cream Kits

You can flavor your favorite soft serve with ketchup, salad cream, saucy sauce, BBQ, or mayo.

With so many of us stuck at home and unable to visit our favorite eateries, many DIY food kits are hitting the market to offer people favorite foods from the comfort of home. Whether you are a fan of Baskin Robbin’s sundaes or Auntie Anne’s pretzels, there is a wide range of ways to get your eat on without leaving your home. Heinz, most widely known for its ketchup and other condiments, is now getting in on the action.

Heinz is now offering sauces that can be converted into sorbet or ice cream if you are so inclined.

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⁣Bringing you the ultimate scoop, we present Heinz Creamz. A DIY ice cream kit and recipe, with an added summery squeeze of one (or more!) of your favourite Heinz Sauces. ⠀ Buy yours today through the link in our bio! #SqueezetheMost

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With the new Heinz ice cream kits, you can flavor your favorite soft serve with ketchup, salad cream, saucy sauce, BBQ, or mayo.

Every box comes with its own recipe card, a gold ice cream scoop, a gold spoon, and a reusable tub (also gold). All of the equipment that you need to handle this task has been provided to you already, so no worries there. You will need to provide certain ingredients such as milk and cream, though, as they’re not easily shipped.

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⁣The flavour of Heinz Classic Barbecue sauce, in a Heinz Creamz. Team with maple syrup, pecans and a sprinkling of bacon bits to taste this sweet and smokey ice cream recipe packing a punch. 🍦 Buy your kit and see the recipe in our bio. ⠀ ⠀ #heinz #heinzcreamz #heinzbbqsauce #barbecuesauce

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Head to the Heinz site if you are ready to learn more. Each kit can be had for roughly $17 and they are only available in England at the moment. Once they have made their way across the pond, we will be the first to try them.