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Right now, it is imperative to keep hand sanitizer on hand (pun intended). We do not have to stop to explain all of the dangers of COVID-19 because everyone is well aware. But, now that it has become the norm to keep hand sanitizer in the car, it is time to reassess a few things and address some concerns.

The average person likes to put their hand sanitizer in the center console. It only makes sense, right? You need to have it handy at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, experts are here to warn you about the potential downsides of this decision. The summer weather is here and there are certain risks that come with it and the consequences are better off avoided so please be sure to read on.

Photo: Pixabay / sweetlouise

A Milwaukee fire district shared an important Facebook post on the matter. We are happy to report that it immediately went viral and the advice that these firefighters have to offer is of the utmost importance. Keeping hand sanitizer in the car during the warm weather months is an innocent decision that could lead to disaster over the long haul.

The same goes for anyone who keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer by any sort of open flame. Grill masters, we are looking squarely in your direction here. The photo of a burned up car that was included in the aforementioned post should make the dangers of this practice abundantly clear. These types of posts are simply a part of our new normal and we need to be following these instructions to the letter.

Our goal in the WLFD  is to provide timely, accurate, and educational information while responding to the needs of our…

Posted by Western Lakes Fire District on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Even something as simple as leaving a plastic bottle in your car could cause all sorts of issues. It only makes sense that hand sanitizer would lead to similar problems, so you are going to want to find a new place to store your sanitizer in the meantime. If you are still looking to keep the sanitizer in your car, you’ll want to make sure that it is in the trunk or the glove box.

We would like to offer a sincere thank you to these firefighters for providing everyone with an advance warning. The last thing that we want to deal with this summer is an unexpected fire in our vehicles that is completely avoidable.

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