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If you and your loved ones did not get a chance to check out the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games closing hand-off ceremony, this is your chance to finally change that. You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see what French choreographer Sadeck Waff has cooked up here. This is one of the most beautiful ballets that you are ever going to see in your life.

This gorgeous form of expression comes courtesy of a team of professional and amateur performers in wheelchairs. As the first person in the nation of France to receive a bionic arm from the good folks over at Open Bionics, Oxandre Pecku was the perfect choice to open up this touching performance. The stage was then turned over to a series of wheelchair-bound performers.

Photo: YouTube/Paris 2024

The way that they moved their arms in time with each other’s movements, as well as the music? It is something that you simply have to see for yourself. We were spellbound for every second of this performance.

As soon as it was over, we found ourselves wanting to run it back again and again. Don’t be surprised if the clip ends up having the exact same effect on you and yours.

Photo: Unsplash/Kazu ota

Woodkid is responsible for composing the music and it was performed by Orchestre National de France. We are also kind enough to get a translation on the description so that our English-speaking readers would be able to know exactly what is going on. Don’t say that we have never done anything nice for you!

“Original choreography created by Sadeck Waff. Sadeck Waff, Oxandre Peckeu and 126 professional and amateur performers. Thanks to the Neodance Academy and their teams for the casting and management of the dancers,” the description reads.

Photo: YouTube/Paris 2024

The casting and management here were most certainly on point. “There is magic everywhere, the key is knowing how to look, know how to see and listen in silence, like a cloud of birds forming waves in the sky, each individual has his own identity, but an irreplaceable place in the whole,” the description continues.

Check out the incredible performance in the video below:

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