Win an Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer, Rotisserie, and Convection Oven! → is a site that provides us with plenty of chances to score “secret” menu items from various fast food establishments. With the help of this viral TikTok, the word is now starting to spread.

Matty McTech (@setupspawn) is a popular user who has decided to spread the wealth. He’ll show you how to find the secret menu at just about any fast-food chain that you can possibly think of.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Matty is merely joining in with a longstanding trend on the app. Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Starbucks customers have already gotten a taste of these secret menu items. The hack that Matty has to offer is going to put all of the other ones that we have seen to shame.

Once you take a closer look at #HackTheMenu, the appeal will be laid bare. Our gracious host goes to the website and lets us check out the layout for ourselves. The user gets to click on the fast-food chain of their choice and the rest of the process is as simple as it gets. Eating at our favorite chains has never been so awesome!

Photo: TikTok/setupspawn

“It will give you a list of secret menu items they don’t want you to know about,” says Matty. You will also be able to find out more about the locations that have these items on hand. Of course, TikTok found this hack to be polarizing because it would not be TikTok if they didn’t.

We have doubts, too, but none of them are Matty’s fault. The major concern that we would have when it comes to these hacks are the employees at the fast-food establishments in question. What happens if the people who are taking the orders do not know what we are talking about? This is a level of embarrassment that we would not be able to bear if we are being 100 percent honest here.

Photo: TikTok/setupspawn

In the meantime, please take a moment to share. Your friends and loved ones are definitely going to want to know more about the secret menu items at their favorite restaurants. It’s one of the more useful TikTok clips that we have seen in some time. If you will excuse us, we are going to be making our way to all of our favorite burger joints now!


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