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Guess What?? You Can Now Make Delicious And Easy Vegan Whipped Cream!

Judging by our recipes, you wouldn’t guess there were any vegans around here, but we do have a slight intolerance to lactose, so we look for vegan recipes every once in a while to ease up on our dairy intake. This vegan whipped cream we use is absolutely incredible, since it’s still super thick and perfectly sweet…but we don’t have to worry about any health consequences!

Here, HealthNutNutrition shows us that by using coconut milk, you can get the same flavor and consistency as the classic whipped cream, without the dairy. Plus, coconut milk is way more practical to keep on hand than heavy cream – it won’t go bad and you can use it in a ton of different recipes for added creaminess and sweetness. We love it and you will too!

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