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The holidays are upon us and while we are excited, there are a number of chores that need to be done. We would like to avoid them at all costs, to be honest. Once you have bought all of the gifts and cooked all of the goods, there are STILL various tasks that need to be done.

Quarantine has allowed us to beg off some of the usual holiday tasks but one still remains: the Christmas tree. There’s nothing that can be done and you simply have to throw on a marathon of Lifetime Christmas movies and get to work. That’s all there is to it, right? Well, some may be wondering how they can cut some corners and maintain their mental health.

That’s where this tree comes into play. The Grow & Stow Christmas Tree is the perfect tree for anyone who wishes that they could buy a tree that would put itself up. This tree will put itself up and the lights are included in that. What could possibly be better for the lazybones out there who are looking to have a tree without the usual work?

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The smart tree lights up with all sorts of amazing colors as soon as it is ready to be used. There are a whopping 850 LED dual color lights on each of these, and we are not electricians by any stretch but that’s a whole lot of lights!

Beyond that, the lights can be turned into a rainbow for a super festive look. The lights can also be programmed to fade out or change colors as needed.

“Great tree. Easy set up. Works as advertised. Basically ‘plug and play’. Minimal ‘fluffing’ required. I was amazed,” says one satisfied Costco customer.

They cost $470 but they are worth every cent that you are going to spend. It is nice to know that we simply do not have to worry about this task anymore. It’s not like you can put a price on convenience!

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